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Mandatory inspections of buildings – 5-year building inspections, annual, health and safety, fire protection and others.

We offer all types of building inspections required by Polish construction law.

ATTENTION. Now you can have all building inspections and keeping a construction book in the form of a subscription fee.

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The obligation to perform periodic inspections rests with the owner or manager of the building. The Construction Law, Art. 62, obliges the owner or manager to perform periodic inspections in order to determine the technical condition of the building, its suitability for use, as well as to define repair needs.

The obligatory inspections of buildings resulting from the Construction Law Act include construction inspections, measurements of electrical installations, measurements of tightness of gas installations and a chimney inspection..

Additionally, some of the buildings are equipped with fire-fighting devices as well as smoke extraction and SAP notification systems..

In public utility buildings and in workplaces, there are also obligatory inspections in the field of health and safety regulations.

Due to frequent changes in the law in the field of mandatory technical inspections, we come to our clients with a comprehensive offer in the above-mentioned scope.

Detailed scope of services provided on buildings

  • 5-year construction inspection
  • annual construction inspection
  • review of the playground and small architecture
  • inspection (5-year and annual electrical installation measurements)
  • inspection of the main switch (fire protection)
  • gas inspection (measurement of tightness of installations and devices)
  • chimney sweep
  • ventilation review
  • inspection of fire extinguishers
  • inspection of hydrants
  • inspection (measurements of lighting parameters of workplaces)
  • inspection (measurements of lighting of communication routes)
  • inspection of emergency lighting
  • inspection of the smoke exhaust system
  • review of the SAP fire notification system
  • inspection of fire protection doors
  • research thermovision measurements