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Tests and measurements of devices and installations

We offer all kinds of tests and measurements of devices and installations (including electric, gas, fire extinguishing and others) required by the construction law.

It is worth knowing that the obligatory inspections of buildings resulting from the Building Law Act include measurements of the electrical installation, measurements of tightness of gas installations and chimney inspections.

Electrical installation measurements in our offer

  • electric installation measurement – obligatory 5-year inspection of the building
  • annual measurement of the electrical system – mandatory annual inspection of the building
  • measurement of power tools and devices
  • any other measurements and tests of electrical installations

Measurements of gas installations

  • measuring the tightness of installations and devices as part of the gas inspection

Lighting measurements

  • measurements of lighting parameters of workplaces
  • lighting measurements of communication routes
  • inspection of emergency lighting

Thermovision measurements

  • all kinds of thermovision tests and measurements

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