FM Complex - Comprehensive Facility Management

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Multi-industry technical opinions, projects, and construction expertise

Our team of experts in the construction, sanitary and electrical industries is at our clients’ disposal

We provide multi-industry technical opinions for facilities.

Very often, during periodic construction inspections or electrical measurements, we inform the owner about faults that affect the safety of people or the general technical condition of the building. It happens that more detailed studies need to be carried out, e.g. geological surveys, boreholes, other types of opencasts, in order to analyze the problem in more detail. Multidisciplinary technical opinions provide the owner with full information about the defect, as well as the proposed solution along with the cost calculation (cost estimate of the works) in order to plan and implement the renovation.

We provide services in the field of:

  • construction expertise
  • fire protection expertise
  • OHS expertise
  • expert opinions on electrical installations
  • multi-industry technical opinions
  • construction opinions
  • sanitary reviews
  • construction projects
  • smoke removal projects
  • SAP systems projects
  • electrical instance designs
  • water and sewage systems projects
  • gas installation designs