FM Complex - Comprehensive Facility Management

Ikona znacznika na mapieul. Sierocińska 11, 59-220 Legnica, Poland

About Us


Our company’s mission is to provide comprehensive services aimed at facilitating the management and operation of the building. We want our client to focus on matters important to his organization and entrust the real estate service to professionals.


The main goals of the company are constant development towards real estate services, production facilities, and the provision of inspection and technical services. We direct our development towards specialization in the optimization of building management costs.

Our many years of market experience directly translates into the quality of our services.


In the first years of operation, our main area of ​​operation was inspections of electrical installations. The customers’ trust resulted in the extension of the scope of the services provided.


We currently specialize in full real estate services, which include:

  • Preparation and maintenance of the Construction Facility Book (KOB) along with the performance of all inspections and tests of facilities – in accordance with the regulations that are in force at a given time in Poland,
  • technical support – for example in the scope of carrying out post-inspection recommendations and adapting buildings to applicable regulations,
  • observing legal regulations and notifying the Owner about changes in the regulations regarding the use of facilities and fire safety,
  • representing the Owner before the Building Supervision Inspector, Fire Brigade, Labor Inspectorate and other offices.


To provide the highest quality services, we employ an experienced team of specialists. These are, among others, four people in the administrative department, seven in the technical department, and about 10 people in the construction and renovation department. For many years, we have been cooperating with engineers and specialists who support us with knowledge in the field of all specializations in the construction industry, fire protection and health and safety regulations. We constantly improve our competences and take on new challenges.